TIPS on Growing with LEDs

3 Important Things to Know
January 18, 2022 • 5 min read

Important Things To Know When Growing with LEDs

My biography of my growing journey started back in 1986 and in 1988 I was growing on my own. That would give you an idea of my growing experience over time. 

In 1988 it was next to impossible to find a grow light, I was talking with Landon from Aelius LED who I’m dealing with today in 2022, he laughed. I was discussing my first LED grow strip and he says, “I remember those lights.” It was like back in 2008. I was using these lights inside of a grow box that I was currently growing in, this was just after my work accident in 2005 ; I fell 28 feet onto concrete at work. In 2008, we started putting LED lights inside our grow room on sheets of plywood and my little 3x4x5 grow box. Well, that did not work so we converted our HPS lights over to an air-cooled shade, and I kept growing forward.

Over the years I have tried different experiments, different lights , different soil recipes while growing my own medicine. In 2013-2014 I started to notice different LED lights that had been coming into the industry and Spectrum King LED was promising. 

Learning myself and taught by others I started a YouTube channel that has now grown to 115,000 + followers and Over 17.5 million views over the last decade, it teaches you about growing, learning and understanding gardening problems. You need to check all those videos, it is a fantastic way to learn. 
Growing with LED lights has now led to exploring new ways of growing. In 2020 growth in LED technologies exploded, since then I have assessed over about fifteen different LED grow lights to learn new growing patterns, and understand PPFD, DLI, VPD. 

Explained in the book, for you to learn in 30 minutes, from my 30+ years of growing.

2022 has been a massive new change in indoor gardening, you can change the light recipes from sunrise to sunset with new growing technology. Trol Master has been an extremely important addition to indoor gardening, it will help you control all new variables inside of your garden. I can get into all the different gauges but you are going to read more in this book, on how exactly I learned.

You get better growth with LED lights today it is that simple. The trick is you must know how, and we have the answer in my book, for you to purchase and enjoy. There will be video links and more ongoing growing education throughout my years for you to enjoy. 

You can and will start to grow on your own at home!

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Here are 3 simple (but very important) tips when growing with LEDs:

#1- Learn to keep it simple and to grow into your LED light, meaning you do not need to rise and lower your light, you need to dim them. 

#2- Really understanding PPFD and DLI, this is the most important tools and has been the game changer in my garden that I have learned. (Watch out what PPFD and DLI is all about on my next blog or purchase the book to get all the details)

#3 -Vapor Pressure Deficit – This was the biggest magic moment in my growing experience, this is the key to really growing amazing plants, learn your VPD, you’re in wonder land when you get your VPD right. (Watch out what PPFD and DLI is all about on my next blog or purchase the book to get all the details)

The charts in the book have been the game changer, you have to measure in order to see the results and failures, this is how to see success and you can then celebrate your wins. 

Being able to share this experience with you all has been so rewarding in my journey to learn more about how to grow my own at home. 

I have been blessed to use an UPTRek light meter over the years to look at light and better understand how growing with LEDs is so much more rewarding and more efficient for the plant and healthier results overall. 

Growing with LEDs is a choice you make and learn, just like everything in life we must grow, it’s the most exciting part about your journey today.

The savings on hydro saves you money, with prices these days the less stress from HPS and HD bulbs, has made growing more rewarding.

I learned all about light stress, and other factors when switching over from HPS to really understand LEDs and how it has been a game changer in my garden today.

LED lighting is fundamentally different from conventional metal halide and high-pressure sodium, gas-discharge lamps that can cause harm, I have a few bulb burns.

I look forward to your growth and your better understanding of indoor LED growing today.

New technologies found on your phone will now help us monitor our gardens from anywhere. But, most important, is that we stay updated on new ways to increase our yields, healthier choices of life and growth.

Compare your LED grow lights and choose the right one for the right space you are growing in is going to help ensure you get what you are looking to achieve. This is a daily routine of growth and understanding, growing is more than just getting some cannabis it’s a lifestyle, and a culture to join and support. 

You make a difference by purchasing the book to learn more and to educate yourself and others on how growing your own is the future to our joy and happiness. 
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